Scott Stender, B.A., O.M.

Scott brings more than 23 years business experience as a Senior Consultant. As an organizational & talent development specialist, Scott’s expertise in leadership, organizational management success, team dynamics, and corporate culture is without measure. He is also an expert at organizational gap analysis transformation, strategic human resource management, in addition to conflict resolution. If needed, Scott can develop plans that optimize strategic direction and agility for diverse and challenging workplaces as well as transitional change, transparency, goal alignment, and organizational performance.


Stender’s professional coaching style lends most closely to transformational leadership where he leverages his degree in Organizational Management. He draws on many years of experience to provide practical tools for his clients to grab a hold of while making necessary paradigm shifts that allow for deep rooted change. His ability to get to the heart of the matter, within minutes of his coaching sessions, has given him great success with the ability to quickly see results in the professionals he coaches.

As a former educator in the state, Scott has developed, modified and trained multiple workforce programs in both the public and private settings as well as at a national level. Contemporary training topics including: communications, documentation & retention, organizational strategy, and customer service. Retail organizations have relied on him to strengthen their sales teams through use of GAP analysis, LEAN, and Six Sigma principals. He is highly adept at working with organizations to get the most out of their leadership groups and the rising up and coming leaders. His passion is in developing others to fully realize their professional potential, regardless of their hierarchical level in the organization. Stender can connect with employees from interns to executives in a way that shows sincerity, demonstrates high competency, and delivers high returns toward more effective workgroups.

Scott’s integrity and sincerity for the well-being of organizations and their people, precedes him wherever he goes. When he is not working with TGC clients, you can bet you can find him riding his motorcycle or out on the banks fishing.


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