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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Question: Our Senior Leadership Team made a conscious decision to concentrate on workforce development and succession planning a few years ago.  “Andis” is an energetic and vivacious employee with aspirations for advancement.  When she was first hired her confidence and charisma caught our attention.  We agreed to invest in this employee based on what we thought was her potential for more visible positions and long term leadership. I was her third mentor. … Read More

On Sunday, Sept. 10, a single minute after an intruder arrived at Anchorage’s Aurora Paint, the owner was shot in the head. Three days later, police found three men dead at an Anchorage precious-metals shop. “Every employer that has not experienced workplace violence,” says workplace consultant Richard Birdsall, “thinks it could never happen to them.” Except when it does — according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace homicides are on the rise, and “after planning”… Read More

Question: My partner and I run a medium-sized oil patch company. Our crew gets things done, and while some of the guys are a bit rough-and-tumble, everyone gets along. When we hired “Cheri,” we didn’t care that she was black; her race didn’t matter. Cheri’s sex did, as most of the crew is male, and so we gave her preference over more qualified male applicants. Cheri now holds us hostage, using her… Read More

Question: I hadn’t expected to like the human services job I took four months ago when I moved to Alaska. My world in Florida, where I’d worked my way up to assistant general manager, had crashed around me. I’d been working 10-hour days and coming home sapped of energy. My wife of two years said a “never-at-home” husband hadn’t been “what she’d signed up for” and divorced me. The whole situation had… Read More

Question: I’ve been employed for two years in a stressful customer service position in a large company. Most of my co-workers are pleasant and hardworking despite all of our extreme workloads and the stringent performance measures our supervisor places on us. Up until three months ago, I’ve had a supportive supervisor. Corporate management suddenly and inexplicably fired him and replaced him with a new supervisor. This new supervisor has been allowed free… Read More

Question: My bully is my subordinate.  He presents to others as “the nice guy,” and appears hapless and lost most of the time.  I’m just now realizing that some of this is calculated to avoid his work, and that I have over invested in attempting to coach him.  His previous supervisor used to stay late explaining basic writing skills (such as grammar, word usage, and consistent tense), while he earned overtime nodding… Read More