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Question: My coworker has a bad habit of opening her mouth and letting angry words fly. Recently, she ripped into our mutual supervisor in front of me. Our supervisor seemed taken by surprise but maintained her cool and handled the situation professionally. Afterwards, my coworker asked me what I thought. I think she expected me to ask why she’d said what she had. I didn’t. I felt she was trying to pull… Read More

  “I didn’t see it coming.” Then, when it was too late, when the human resources department or your supervisor handed you a layoff or termination notice, you wondered how you’d let yourself be blindsided. You’d thought yourself a rising star, your talent immunizing you against negative consequences. You didn’t see the signals that warned you that you’d skated onto thin ice once too often. Now, you’re out. If you’d like to… Read More

Question: My co-worker and I both head to the Alaska Club after work. Since both of us use the elliptical and stair climber and like to work out in the Woman’s Club, I often wind up getting on equipment she uses first. We’re supposed to wipe down the equipment after we use it. She never does, and thus if the machine she leaves is the only one available when I want to… Read More