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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Question: Our newest accounting employee works in a cubicle with the accounting manager and one other employee. To create a sense of space for each of them, we’ve set up the office so each desk faces a wall. A door bisects the fourth wall and that’s where we’ve placed the accounting office’s filing cabinets. Yesterday the accounting manager came to me and asked if the new employee could share an office with… Read More

Question: I’ve been told to never to fire an employee on Friday, but always thought that was the best day to do it, so they could have the weekend to get over it before looking for a new job on Monday. Answer: Few “get over” being fired in two days. It’s a major blow. Instead, they have two whole days to consider what an “unfair idiot” their former boss was, how wronged… Read More

Question: Before she speaks concerning work I’ve presented in staff meetings, a passive-aggressive co-worker invariably prefaces her comments with “I don’t want to be mean, but” and then gives her opinion. Although I rarely agree with her, I’m comfortable with any criticism she dishes out as it’s her viewpoint. The problem I have is that she gives her comments with so many pauses and hesitation that she leaves the feeling that she… Read More

Question: I run a fast-growing venture development company and depend on a team of hard-charging managers who develop new business opportunities. All are hard-headed type-A personalities. They regularly travel together on business in teams of two, three and four. When traveling, they go out to dinner together and continue business discussions. Recently, there’s been tension on the team. One manager, although married, meets women and brings them to dinners. This complicates talking… Read More

When leaders ask, “How can I get Millennials and Gen Z motivated?” my first question is always, “What motivators are you using now?” Most often managers are using old school motivation and retention methods that worked for Baby Boomers or Gen X.  It should be no surprise then that 21 percent of Millennials left their jobs in the past year. Gen Y & Z are motivated by money, but not in the… Read More

Question: I recently landed a dream job as general manager. On my first day, I began individual meetings with each of 12 employees. The hostility I received from one employee stunned me. I learned he thought he should been given the promotion instead of it going to an “outsider.” It’s been two weeks since I learned this. It’s clear he’ll do anything in his power to sabotage me. He doesn’t mind making… Read More

Question: I had to walk away from my office this morning because the comments my coworkers were spouting about gun rights and homosexuality were too much for me. I’m seriously thinking about whether I can go back to work or not. I’m gay and everyone I work with knows it, but they forget my status when they’re making jokes about gay people. I normally just keep my mouth shut. What straight people… Read More

Question: When my immediate supervisor was promoted to run another division, I thought upper management would move me into his spot. They didn’t. Instead, they hired someone from outside our company and then asked me to “show him the ropes.” This was so insulting, I couldn’t speak. Now that I know what they think of me, I’m just doing the minimum and applying for every job I can find on Craigslist. What… Read More