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do coworkers in a relationship have to sign a love contract with the company?

Are you required to sign a “love contract” with your employer if you’re in a relationship with a coworker?

Why HR is vital

Human resources is vital to organizations of all sizes.

How do you reestablish trust with employees burned by a previous manager?

Q: I’ve recently taken a managerial job in a department that had completely lost trust in their prior manager. He threw employees under the bus, made a lot of promises that he never kept and lied outright. I’ve been meeting individually with every employee, and in one way or another, each has said, “so how do I know I can trust what you say?” I’m at a loss, other than to say,… Read More

Q: Several years ago I divorced my husband, who holds a senior management position in the company I work at. Everyone in my company thinks he’s the greatest and he’s about to be promoted to chief operating officer. Once that happens, I’ll report directly to him. I admit my ex is charming; after all, I married him. He’s also charismatic, hard-working and talented, and as a result, our CEO and board greatly… Read More

supervisor bullies me because of my weight

If a supervisor bullies an employee right out the door, the best thing the employee can do is find another job where they are happy.

if the job isn't what they promised you, you're not stuck

Even if the job isn’t what they promised you, you’re not stuck there.