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Monthly Archives: February 2016

When you see risk, do you back away? If so, what does it cost you to play it safe? The price of security Given the choice between a sure thing and a higher risk/greater reward alternative, most of us choose what’s safe. We hesitate to put ourselves or our careers on the line. We go with the flow and say “it’s not so bad the way things are.” We consider what could… Read More

Question: I’ve held the same job for eight years. There’s no real reason to leave it. My boss is nice enough. I’m comfortable with the people at work. I don’t bring stress home. When I mention quitting to my husband, he looks at me as if I’m out of my mind. He’s in a high-stress job that drives him crazy. The problem? I’m bored out of my mind. It’s the same duties,… Read More

Are you minding your P’s and Q’s?  Check here. We have received a number of inquiries seeking information about an employer’s ability to request medical information.   Employees are given forms asking about their health status and they ask us “is it legal?” These inquiries, coupled with a fresh decision from the federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, make this an ideal time for a thumbnail review. There is a thin gray line employers… Read More

The report’s good, but not good enough. You should have started it a week ago, but put it off. Friday afternoon, you panicked. You killed a perfectly good weekend to get everything finished by the Monday morning due date. If you want to break the “put it off until nearly too late” habit, try these five strategies. 1. Decide you’ll start projects when you need to start them — even if you… Read More

When you first started your job, every day was shiny excitement. You learned new things and often wondered if you could keep up. The days now seem routine. You no longer look forward to coming to work. Is it you – or the job? Ask yourself these six questions: Am I paying a price for staying? You invest time and effort in your job. Is your current job worth the career opportunity… Read More

I work with two drama queens. “Arielle” is always sure I or others are out to get her and make her look bad to our boss. She dragged me into the bathroom this morning for a heart-to-heart about something she says she overheard me say and refused to listen to me tell her I never said anything remotely like that. To get her off my back, I told her I’d take her… Read More