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Mean coworkers and how to deal with them.

Q. Three years ago, a group of mean girls in the workplace made up false stories about me and ostracized me. I hadn’t done anything to deserve how they treated me. They hated me because the departing CEO gave me a promotion that one of them felt was rightfully hers. After the CEO resigned, these coworkers made my work life a living hell. I wisely quit. However, I’ve never been able to… Read More

don't make the same mistake starbucks did

Finally, if you learn one of your employees shows racial bias, particularly in an incident during a work shift, investigate the problem by reviewing video footage and witness accounts even if the incident doesn’t go viral.

conduct stay interviews to keep valuable employees

Want to keep valuable employees? Conduct stay interviews!

can your company prevent you from dating a coworker?

Employers use these policies to outline how they will address consenting, romantic relationships between managers, employees and coworkers and to protect their company from potential problems caused by distraction, romantic conflicts and sexual harassment claims.

why people lie and how to handle it

If you sense someone is lying to you, trust your internal compass and don’t second-guess yourself. If your empathy pushes you to discount what you feel or even to protect the liar, remember you and your tender heart deserve protection as well.

are managers liable for harassment by their employees?

Q: I’m the manager of a crew that allegedly harassed and racially discriminated against one of my employees, and I’ve just been told that our company’s attorney will protect our company, but not me as an individual. True? A: Yes. Your employer hired an attorney to protect their company. If your interests and your employer’s align, their attorney protects you. If not, for example, if you ignored discrimination or allowed harassment, you… Read More

imposter syndrome

What would you do if you weren’t afraid you couldn’t succeed? People suffering from imposter syndrome benefit from pushing themselves to accept challenging projects. Don’t allow the voice inside your head that triggers your feelings of inadequacy to hold you back.

guidelines for employee texting

What guidelines should you put in place when allowing employees to text during work?

can you deduct a theft from an employee's last paycheck?

Q: We recently fired an employee for stealing money out of our cashbox. Initially, she denied stealing anything and tried to point the finger at another employee. She didn’t realize we had a security camera. When we brought the employee in and showed her the tape of her removing the money, she screamed at us and left the building. We’d ordinarily issue her a check today. Can we deduct what she stole… Read More