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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Question: I supervise 15 employees, the largest crew in our company, and I report to the general manager. I’m expected to handle employees who don’t show up on time or do what they’re supposed to — but I’m not allowed to fire anyone. That’s the prerogative of one person only, the general manager. That’s like giving responsibility without authority, and since my manager reads your column I hope you’ll write why it… Read More

Question: When our company downsized, we eliminated our marketing department and I became charged with maintaining our company’s blog and newsletter. Both are thankless tasks. Few people read the blog, despite how we’ve promoted it on Facebook and Google. Our statistics show that more than 70 percent of those we email our newsletter to don’t open it. Our general manager has given me permission to drop the newsletter but insists we need… Read More

Question: I’ve just learned that my employer allowed our accounting manager to take payroll records home on a laptop, which got stolen in a home burglary. Now I have to worry that a thief has my Social Security number, home address and knows the ages of my children. Do I have legal recourse? What if my identity is stolen? Can I make my employer pay for any losses I experience? Answer: Alaska… Read More

Question: I’m scared I’m going to lose my job. My coworkers and I work for a bully boss. He insults us constantly. When he’s upset, he yells things like “who’s going to pay for this!” and we all put our heads down and hope we’re not the one he picks on. After weeks in which I went home in tears nightly, I went to Human Resources to get help. The HR officer… Read More

Question:  I work for an oil patch company. Profit is king to our senior management and chief executive officer, but we’re barely making it. I’m the human resources specialist, and I’ve had to lay off 15 employees. I’m new to HR, but am now in charge because they laid off my manager, the HR director. Here’s the problem. A woman in accounting, who’s been here four years, has cancer. It’s not bad,… Read More