Question: When I quit my job, I didn’t give notice, and it wasn’t a friendly parting of ways. My former boss was a jerk and a bully, and I finally decided I had enough. On my way out the door, my boss reminded me that the non-compete I’d signed when he hired me included an agreement not to solicit any former customers or coworkers for 12 months. My boss warned me he’d… Read More

Harvey Weinstein. Bill Cosby. Roger Ailes. Bill O’Reilly. Uber executives. And maybe someone you know. How can these men not “get it?” How do they get away with sexually harassing those who work for them? Easy – These men didn’t have to “get it.” They faced no consequences. Here’s why: The CEO/”star” exemption More than thirty women accused the 65-year old Weinstein of harassment. His sexual misconduct, including rape allegations, constituted an… Read More

Question: When Alaska’s recession forced me to look for employment in a new state, I applied for every job I could find that made sense. My criminal justice BA got me hired as a police trainee. I’m thrilled, because I love law enforcement. Unfortunately, the community that hired me and the entire police force are super conservative. I’m a liberal and have always been involved in social justice. I want a great working… Read More

The following article by Dr. Lynne Curry was originally published in January 2018 Social Space Magazine, a publication of the Lien Center for Social Innovation, Singapore Management University; We have all met at least one in the course of our careers. He, or she, is the angry, aggressive bully who insults you to your face and behind your back. You would expect that at some point they would tire of this behaviour, but… Read More

  Question: Until last week, when the physician’s wife and office manager fired me, I worked for a Midtown Anchorage medical clinic. She called it an “employment at will” firing. When I asked “why?” she gave me a tight-lipped smile and then said “don’t play me” and “stay away from my husband.” I told her that her husband didn’t interest me in the slightest, but that didn’t make any difference to her,… Read More

Question: I’m in over my head and I can’t hide it any longer.  I finally got the promotion I wanted with the support of several friends and coworkers, a senior leadership position in the company I’ve been with for 34 years. The recognition that comes with the position is validating.  The travel and special invitations to events are giving me social opportunities with a caliber of people I’ve always wanted to mix… Read More

Question: Our Senior Leadership Team made a conscious decision to concentrate on workforce development and succession planning a few years ago.  “Andis” is an energetic and vivacious employee with aspirations for advancement.  When she was first hired her confidence and charisma caught our attention.  We agreed to invest in this employee based on what we thought was her potential for more visible positions and long term leadership. I was her third mentor. … Read More

On Sunday, Sept. 10, a single minute after an intruder arrived at Anchorage’s Aurora Paint, the owner was shot in the head. Three days later, police found three men dead at an Anchorage precious-metals shop. “Every employer that has not experienced workplace violence,” says workplace consultant Richard Birdsall, “thinks it could never happen to them.” Except when it does — according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace homicides are on the rise, and “after planning”… Read More

Question: My partner and I run a medium-sized oil patch company. Our crew gets things done, and while some of the guys are a bit rough-and-tumble, everyone gets along. When we hired “Cheri,” we didn’t care that she was black; her race didn’t matter. Cheri’s sex did, as most of the crew is male, and so we gave her preference over more qualified male applicants. Cheri now holds us hostage, using her… Read More

Question: I hadn’t expected to like the human services job I took four months ago when I moved to Alaska. My world in Florida, where I’d worked my way up to assistant general manager, had crashed around me. I’d been working 10-hour days and coming home sapped of energy. My wife of two years said a “never-at-home” husband hadn’t been “what she’d signed up for” and divorced me. The whole situation had… Read More