Question: We’ve just learned that our very best applicant for a hard-to-fill position has an outstanding warrant against her. My business partner says this immediately rules her out of consideration, but I’m having a hard time accepting this. This candidate has all the skills we’ve been looking for, along with a truly charismatic personality. She could do great things for our business. I’m hoping you’ll say something that I can pass on to… Read More

By now you know that a federal court ruling has temporarily put the federal Department of Labor (DOL)’s Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) rules on hold. These rules raise the minimum salary threshold required to qualify for exempt status to $47,476 per year, or $913 per week, essentially doubling the minimum salary threshold.  This ruling would have changed the payroll landscape for many employers and employees. The rules were set to take… Read More

Your coworker keeps it up all day long. You return from the staff meeting after you’ve reported on your recent and upcoming projects and he says, “You certainly made a mess of that.” You don’t want to ask him what he means, as that’s an open invitation to him dishing out more disparaging remarks. When he comes back with coffee from the breakroom, he keeps looking at you and snickering. You finally… Read More

Question:  After 15 years of working long, hard hours without complaint and at the end of a day when I’d done everything my employer asked of me, I got fired. I’m a delivery driver and this morning I wanted to get a head start on my route because I knew the roads would be slick. When I pull my truck up to the warehouse, there’s always supposed to be a warehouse worker… Read More

You’ve tried three times in a row, and not succeeded — how come you can’t figure this out? Your coworker’s late again, putting you behind the 8-ball — you’d like to wring her neck. Frustration with yourself or others winds you up and sucks the energy right out of you, stealing your productivity. So, what can you do? If you don’t let frustration get to you, you can work through or even… Read More

Question: I run a small medical clinic and recently fired a problem employee who royally deserved termination. She never took responsibility for the serious and increasing errors she made; she constantly criticized our physician owner to hospital employees, and she broke company policy by establishing a personal relationship with a patient. She was also a pathological liar. I thought termination would put an end the damage she caused. No such luck. She’s… Read More

Question: I’m being framed. I’m the newly hired dispatcher for a local tech company and it’s my first job. Soon after I was hired, two of the tech guys came on to me. I told both I wasn’t interested. One didn’t accept “no” but asked me out several more times. He also sent me suggestive texts and walked behind my desk, brushing his hands over my neck and shoulders. After several weeks… Read More

Question: My boss and I have a love/hate relationship and I plan to resign tomorrow. I don’t, however, want to burn a bridge, as Anchorage is a small town. How can I leave goodwill on the table? Answer: Craft a well-written resignation letter, thanking your boss for the opportunity to work with and learn from him. Mention two or three qualities of his leadership you particularly valued. Before you deliver the letter,… Read More

Question: When I interviewed this morning for a job at a large engineering company, the interviewer seemed skeptical that I’d made as much as I said I’d made on my most recent job. This afternoon, I got an email asking that I answer two new questions and also furnish my 2015 W-2. I’ve never before been asked for a W-2. Is this even legal? I called the company’s HR and asked, “What’s… Read More

Question: I work in a demanding job for a supervisor with high expectations; however, hers are no higher than my own. I’m a perfectionist and I like doing things right the first time. This isn’t possible in this job because my priorities change daily and occasionally hourly. I get started on one project only to be told I need to switch to another project with a short deadline and to leave my… Read More