Human resources is vital to organizations of all sizes.

Q: I’ve recently taken a managerial job in a department that had completely lost trust in their prior manager. He threw employees under the bus, made a lot of promises that he never kept and lied outright. I’ve been meeting individually with every employee, and in one way or another, each has said, “so how do I know I can trust what you say?” I’m at a loss, other than to say,… Read More

Q: Several years ago I divorced my husband, who holds a senior management position in the company I work at. Everyone in my company thinks he’s the greatest and he’s about to be promoted to chief operating officer. Once that happens, I’ll report directly to him. I admit my ex is charming; after all, I married him. He’s also charismatic, hard-working and talented, and as a result, our CEO and board greatly… Read More

If a supervisor bullies an employee right out the door, the best thing the employee can do is find another job where they are happy.

Even if the job isn’t what they promised you, you’re not stuck there.

If you think the national division over guns hasn’t hit your workplace, you haven’t been listening. Not only are the employees who advocate for increased gun control, including a ban on assault-style rifles like the AR-15, engaged in an active argument with those who argue for fewer restrictions on gun owners’ ability to carry concealed firearms, but some of your employees may be packing. Does your employee handbook address whether or not… Read More

When budgets are tight, many managers believe an easier route to savings is to cut training and teambuilding services justifying other expenses in their stead. Few will question such a decision, which sends the message that these activities are an “extra” rather than a staple. This becomes a group outlook leaving the manager more “comfortable” in the short term to make such decisions without the challenge attached to other items. While the… Read More

Q: Sixteen months ago I lost my oil company job, but received enough severance to keep me afloat for more than a year. I’d always wanted to work for myself and felt this was my big chance. Even though I’ve never been a risk-taker, I started a small business. I soon realized I needed an assistant because when I invested time in paperwork it took me away from the sales and marketing… Read More

Q: Several months ago one of my former employees, who’d left our agency, returned as my immediate supervisor. It’s been hell ever since. Before his return, I had been respected and allowed to function semi-autonomously. I’d myself been a supervisor, overseeing one employee until he left and management decided to shift the duties he’d handled to another department. I received excellent performance evaluations for my accomplishments.   My former employee rules commander style… Read More

Do you fire an otherwise acceptable employee after he unintentionally creates widespread panic among those your organization has committed to serving? What if he’s a new employee who didn’t know better – and you question whether his supervisor bears part of the responsibility because he didn’t receive adequate training? What if the bulk of the panic occurred because your organization didn’t have solid systems in place to prevent the problems one accidental… Read More