My boss figured out I was job hunting during the work day. I don’t know how he discovered this as he’s normally clueless. I think someone ratted me out. I was afraid he was going to fire me on the spot, but he told me he was going to “take pity” on me and give me two weeks’ notice. I think he’s just keeping me around until he hires my replacement. I… Read More

When you see risk, do you back away? If so, what does it cost you to play it safe? The price of security Given the choice between a sure thing and a higher risk/greater reward alternative, most of us choose what’s safe. We hesitate to put ourselves or our careers on the line. We go with the flow and say “it’s not so bad the way things are.” We consider what could… Read More

Are you minding your P’s and Q’s?  Check here. We have received a number of inquiries seeking information about an employer’s ability to request medical information.   Employees are given forms asking about their health status and they ask us “is it legal?” These inquiries, coupled with a fresh decision from the federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, make this an ideal time for a thumbnail review. There is a thin gray line employers… Read More

When our fledgling company swapped space in our office building with another tenant, the landlord cut our rent in half.  As a small business owner, I was so pleased that I overlooked the fact that our new office suite contained a door to which the landlord lacked a key. My staff and I decided to prop open the door until the landlord could locate the lost key. The next day, I brought… Read More

Sex harassment — so common a term that everyone thinks they know what these words mean and what happens when accusations fly. Do you? He said he didn’t harass her. She said he did.  Often, sexual harassment happens behind closed doors and out of others’ eyesight. How do we unravel what happened?  If you’re in management or HR, or a co-worker wanting to come to another’s aid, you may want to know. After all,… Read More

‘Mean girls’ can make the workplace difficult–but not impossible–to survive. The workplace mean girl. Have you tangled with one? Did you hold your own or did she ride roughshod over you? If you want to escape unscathed, learn to stop the mean girl in her tracks, root her out of your head and turn the tables on her. Don’t let her into your head Don’t let a mean girl rent space in… Read More

There’s minimal research that exists for the developing generation some  experts are calling ‘Generation Z,’ as some say the generation hasn’t entered the  workforce quite yet. However, according to SHRM the next Gen is of the year  2001, therefore 2014-2015 marks the year of generation Z’s infiltration of the  workforce. So, who are these post-millennia individuals? Does it matter? Is it  too early to tell? We are talking about a generation that… Read More

Are you wondering why your business has such a high employee turnover rate? Is the organization struggling to attract talent? A recent study conducted by Kenexa, which administrated a national-wide survey on employee engagement sampling thousands of employees revealed interesting statistics. Results indicated businesses are often perplexed on the reasons why employees separate from the organization; in fact over 40% of employers reported that the number one reason tends to be “poor… Read More