Question: When I told my manager I had cancer, she was initially supportive and asked a lot of personal questions, which I foolishly answered. Since then, she’s become increasingly critical of my work performance in areas that she used to call “not a problem.” Our worst fights occur when she asks me to stay late. In the past I’ve been willing to work into the evening and to come in on weekends… Read More

Question:  One of my 30-something co-workers persists in telling me “you look just like my mother.” I’m in my 40’s and there’s no way I could be this woman’s mother. The first two times, I bristled but didn’t say anything. The third time, I asked her how old her mother is. When she answered, “She’s in her 60s. She had me late in life,” I lost it. I told her I wasn’t that… Read More

Question: After I gave birth to twins, I tried to go back to work, but since my husband worked on the North Slope and considered his weeks off as OFF, this left me working full days and then handling housework and the twins for my “off” time. Between that, the difficulty of lining up care for when the twins got sick and couldn’t go to day care, and the cost of child… Read More

Question: After six months of work misery, I finally quit a job where I liked my coworkers but worked under a supervisor I couldn’t stand. In the past, I’ve never had problems getting a job and always had a new job within a week of leaving an old job. Not this time. I’ve been job hunting for three months and not had one offer. I’d thought the job I left was dead… Read More

Question: On my first day of work, my new employer gave me a packet of new-hire paperwork that included a detailed health questionnaire asking “have you ever had or have you ever been treated for” any of more than 40 health conditions. In addition to potentially serious illnesses, the list included relatively benign conditions such as high blood pressure, hernias, joint pain and varicose veins. The questionnaire asks for details of any previous hospitalizations… Read More

Question: Our CEO just hired a new operations manager. To call her blunt is to sugar-coat what she does. She walks through the office dishing out insults “so that everyone knows what’s correct procedure and what isn’t.” This morning she stood over one of my co-workers and loudly proclaimed that “Jane” was doing a procedure exactly wrong and apparently had forgotten the guidelines laid down the prior week. She brags that this… Read More

Question: About twice a week, and only when I’ve just about had it with customers or my workload, I snap at coworkers. I don’t mean anything by it and later I always say I’m sorry. After a while, those I work with learn how to “take me” and there are no problems. Unfortunately, we have a new clerk in the office. She arrives at work all bubbly and wants to talk first… Read More

The final revenge of the fired employee: The manager makes an unwitting but critical mistake that unravels the firing decision or results in a painful payout to the employee. If you’d like to fire an employee without backfire, you need to consider good faith and just cause, then ask yourself twenty-two questions. Good faith Courts in multiple states uphold the doctrine of good faith and fair dealing. When an embittered fired employee… Read More

You put your blood, sweat and heart into your job and company. When a promotion came open, you thought it was yours. Except it wasn’t; you were passed over. What now? Should you read the writing on the wall and look for a new job, elsewhere? Or takes steps so you can snare the next, possibly even better promotion? Pro-act don’t react Before you jump on the Internet to look for a… Read More

Question: I work in a high-stress customer service position. My co-workers and I work hard, but our workload is extreme and our company gives us inadequate training and then judges us against unrealistic performance measures. Still, I like my co-workers and initially had a great supervisor who was highly supportive. Then, he got fired and the supervisor who replaced him is an absolute jerk. The company gives him free rein to intimidate… Read More