Question: Our deli/cafe is open 12 hours a day — we catch both the “going to work” crowd and the “heading home” customers. We offer a wide variety of coffees, sandwiches, comfort foods and pastries. Four months ago, we began offering take-away “self-catering” foods. If customers give us 72 hours notice, we can provide them everything they need for a casual “made-it-myself” dinner party, at less than the cost of a caterer,… Read More

Rude people. Nasty comments. Uncalled-for-insults. If you treat others well, but occasionally or regularly interact with others who don’t care how they treat you, and you don’t want your feelings to take you under like a rip tide, try these four strategies. Teflon yourself We spray Teflon on pans so cooked food rinses off easily. What can you do to let another’s rude comments – knowing the person cares NOTHING about your… Read More

Question: I’m not a public speaker — and I have two days to become one. Here’s the deal. Someone in our company made the decision that at each quarterly meeting an “average worker” will speak about their job and what they like about our company. I was nominated by someone for this “honor.” When my manager told me, I said I’d rather not, but he said it had already been decided and… Read More

Question: When my company promoted me to supervisor, I was thrilled and determined to be the kind of supervisor I’d always wanted to work under – honest, fair, understanding and inspiring. Here’s what happened instead. Two weeks after I was promoted, our company initiated three new initiatives. I knew the employees wouldn’t like them, I didn’t either. I was told I had to educate my employees concerning each of these initiatives. I… Read More

Question: My former co-worker, “Anne,” is now my boss and I don’t know if I can stay at my company under these conditions. Anne didn’t deserve her promotion. She’s not a leader and doesn’t have as much expertise or work experience as three of us on the team. She got her promotion not because she was the best, but because she fawns on our general manager. I should have seen this coming…. Read More

The new business manager you hired—the one with the terrific resume and reference? It turns out she never worked for the employers named on the resume or knew the supervisors listed as references—despite the glowing recommendations they wrote for her. Instead, she paid for a legitimate-appearing, completely phony resume and references. Fake resumes and references for sale Don’t believe me or think you could spot this fraud? Google “career excuse” or visit… Read More

Question: When I started work here, I had high hopes and felt my employer would do things in the right way, given that they interviewed me thoroughly, spent a day orienting me and provided me the most complete set of personnel policies I’ve ever seen. I was wrong. Trouble started when I took my first trip. I was on-site at one of our branch offices in California and the senior manager accompanying… Read More

Question: When we fired “Earl” this morning after he screamed at his supervisor on two separate occasions, we were ready for him to blow up. Instead, in an eerily calm voice Earl told us that our firing him would give him everything he wanted, because he could then sue us. Earl said he had bipolar disease and we were violating the Americans with Disabilities Act because he was being unfairly terminated. We… Read More

Question: When I got hired at my company, the human resources department interviewed me and sent me into my now boss’ office for a “final interview.” He asked only one question, if I knew how to “run interference” for my supervisor. I answered, “Absolutely, I’m the mom of a football player, and know what blocking and tackling mean.” I thought he meant holding calls when he didn’t want to be interrupted and… Read More

Question: I’m scared I’m going to lose my job. My coworkers and I work for a bully boss. He insults us constantly. When he’s upset, he yells things like “who’s going to pay for this!” and we all put our heads down and hope we’re not the one he picks on. After weeks in which I went home in tears nightly, I went to Human Resources to get help. The HR officer… Read More