Question: My boss and I have a love/hate relationship and I plan to resign tomorrow. I don’t, however, want to burn a bridge, as Anchorage is a small town. How can I leave goodwill on the table? Answer: Craft a well-written resignation letter, thanking your boss for the opportunity to work with and learn from him. Mention two or three qualities of his leadership you particularly valued. Before you deliver the letter,… Read More

Question: When I interviewed this morning for a job at a large engineering company, the interviewer seemed skeptical that I’d made as much as I said I’d made on my most recent job. This afternoon, I got an email asking that I answer two new questions and also furnish my 2015 W-2. I’ve never before been asked for a W-2. Is this even legal? I called the company’s HR and asked, “What’s… Read More

Question: I work in a demanding job for a supervisor with high expectations; however, hers are no higher than my own. I’m a perfectionist and I like doing things right the first time. This isn’t possible in this job because my priorities change daily and occasionally hourly. I get started on one project only to be told I need to switch to another project with a short deadline and to leave my… Read More

Question:  I started a new job six weeks ago. From day one, my three female co-workers made it clear they didn’t welcome me, making comments such as “we weren’t the ones who hired you.” Apparently they had wanted the friend of one of them hired and considered it unfair that I out-interviewed her. I’ve done my best to make friends with them, but they don’t give me a chance. I brought muffins… Read More

Question: Ever since I got this really great job, my boyfriend has said I’ve become addicted to work. Before this job, I spent all my time with him. We had a great time every weekend. We hung out at bars or friends’ houses every night, or stayed at home watching sports on our flat screen. Now when I get up in the morning, the first thing I think about is work. At… Read More

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Question: I’m a small-business owner. I work directly with customers and rely on a full-time administrative employee to handle billing, filing, word processing and customer calls. When my long-term employee moved out of state last year after her husband lost his oil industry job, I placed an ad on Craigslist. A stream of unqualified applicants and spam quickly overwhelmed me. I hired “Debi” because she had eight years of office experience, even… Read More

Question:  My supervisor and I have worked together for years and have a similar sense of humor. We play practical jokes on each other and banter back and forth. It makes the day go faster and it’s all the funnier when others aren’t sure whether or not to take seriously our put-downs of each other. A couple women in the workplace seized upon the controversy caused by Donald Trump’s 2005 video to… Read More

Question:  When I showed “Carl’s” resume to our leadership council, “Sara” turned white and asked, “Has he already been hired?” I said that we were negotiating his starting salary but we’d already indicated we wanted him on board. After the meeting, Sara asked to meet with me privately. She’s an attractive single woman and frequents several dating sites. She told me Carl was a sexual predator who had date-raped her and that… Read More

Workplace personality conflicts are everywhere—does this scene sound familiar? Haley greets Mike first thing in the morning as they pass in the hallway, and never gets back a “good morning,” “hi,” or even a grunt in return. Mike swears he doesn’t see her when they pass each other, and you believe him. He’s a task-focused guided missile, and a great guy, but he bruises Haley’s feelings without meaning to. Gwen poses even… Read More