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Daily Archives: April 21, 2017

Question: I’ve had a string of bad bosses, resulting in five job changes in the last three years. I want to settle down with one company and know the secret is finding a decent manager who treats employees well. I recently interviewed for a job with a company. The manager seemed like an all-right guy but you never know. After the interview, I realized I could search the company’s website for a… Read More

Question: Several months ago I got hired into a midlevel position by a large retail chain that’s been plagued by employee theft. I’m the only supervisor who didn’t rise through the ranks and doesn’t have a retail background. I’ve learned employees I’d never suspect of pilfering merchandise not only steal, but lie with a straight face about how they didn’t take the items we catch them with. In the past, we’ve made… Read More

Question: I work for a highly profitable company, run by a ruthless man, who operates it like his personal fiefdom. He has sexually harassed me for three months. If I try to sue, I’ll not only lose my job but won’t be employable in Anchorage. I like my job, make a good salary and there aren’t many companies in Anchorage that employ those with my skill set. The ones that could aren’t… Read More