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Daily Archives: April 20, 2017

Question: I asked one of my co-workers for a small amount of assistance with our company’s proprietary software program. He told me he’d get around to helping me but then he left the office without doing so. As a result, I didn’t complete a project and was dinged for it. When I explained to my boss what happened, he didn’t listen. I quit in disgust. I need to know whether it’s best… Read More

Question: My husband fought for our country during two tours of duty in Afghanistan. He had a struggle finding a job because all his work experience was military. Once he found a job, he gave it his all. I know he always got to work ahead of time and worked hard, because he came home exhausted. He often worked through lunch without claiming overtime. His supervisor gave my husband many compliments, saying… Read More

Question: Nine months ago, I hired “Gabe” to handle a critical position in our company. From his first week, he took charge of a number of situations that were troublesome. I’m a fairly easygoing, accommodating supervisor, and I appreciated the way Gabe laid down the law. After Gabe had been here only a few months, employees started coming to me telling me he was a bully. What they told me didn’t sound… Read More

Question: My husband and I recently moved to Alaska and then he deployed. Two months ago, I confided in a coworker that I was having marital troubles. She suggested I tell my manager so he’d be aware I had things weighing on my mind. I did and he asked me a lot of questions, some of which I felt embarrassed answering. After that, he asked me for “updates” every couple of days…. Read More

Question: I work with my best friend. We’re both 22. She hates our supervisor and working here. She says he picks on her and life’s too short to take his s*** every day. It’s my first job and her third. I’ve tried to stay out of their issues, but I’m afraid my coworker will quit and then I’ll be the only one my age here. I feel like I’m caught in the… Read More

Question: We have two employees who post their grievances about their supervisor on Facebook to each other and the world at large, We understand that laws give them the freedom to complain about their supervisor to each other, but they post photos of his face next to mocking statements and photos in which they’re wearing our company’s logo, thus bringing our company’s name into their private venting. Does this give us an… Read More

Question: I’m the only woman on an all-male crew. Most of the guys are good guys. One isn’t. When he jabs at me, I try to handle him in a way that doesn’t make it look like I can’t take a joke. Recently, he handed me a tube of coconut-scented body lotion and asked if I thought it smelled good. I said “Sure, whatever.” He sneered and asked, “Would you like to… Read More

Question: When I got a call last December asking me if I’d accept a state appointment, I turned it down even though I wanted to say yes. I was worried about the scrutiny I’d suffer in the vetting process. For this same reason, I’ve never run for office even though I’ve wanted to. The problem started four decades ago when I returned from Vietnam and started a career in state government. When… Read More

Question: I work 90 hours a week. Supposedly our company’s administrative staff supports those of us who run the field jobs as well as the higher-ups. But they don’t. One of the administrative assistants has a snarky way of saying, “You can look that up on the server yourself,” when I ask her a question. She doesn’t get that I’m out in the field working full out, and if I stop work… Read More