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Daily Archives: April 19, 2017

Question: Every May, we hire and train 25 entry-level workers. This year’s crop of new employees is the worst we’ve ever had. Thus far, we’ve dismissed three new hires from our training program and two others look like they’re going to wash out. We’ve talked about putting in a new ad on Craigslist but the ad we placed landed 10 lousy applicants and a bucketful of spam for every good resume. We… Read More

Question: Four months ago, two people from my organization suddenly left, both for understandable reasons. One moved out of state. The other learned her daughter had an illness requiring home care. I was last person standing in my department. My boss came to me and asked me to “dig in” and work extra hours, to help train the new people we’d need to hire. He said, “as soon as the new employees… Read More

Question: I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I let everyone in the workplace, my boss, my peers, even my employees, bully me. I back down from every skirmish. Everyone tells me “I’m the best,” but then instead of treating me that way, they take advantage of me. When I hear those words, I cringe. I know they mean “you’re gullible” and “I’m about to manipulate you.” I’m working on… Read More

Question: When my friends and I go out, they talk with me about their exciting new jobs. They’re all jazzed by their new duties and what they’re learning. When they ask me, “What’s new with you?” I don’t have anything to say. I have a good job, one I fell into after college. I stay because my boss and coworkers are nice. I’m good at it, but it’s neither exciting nor challenging…. Read More

Question: I get along well with “Mitch.” He runs a department that supports my department and so I need his goodwill. I’m well aware that department heads who tangle with Mitch pay for it when their departments need help from his team. I don’t like watching what happens to those who get on Mitch’s wrong side, but I’ve told myself that these battles aren’t my concern. Last week one of Mitch’s employees… Read More

Question: I’m the project lead for our department and single. As lead, I sometimes have to make hard calls in terms of who gets leave and who doesn’t when two employees both ask for the same day off. I also give input into my co-workers’ performance reviews. I’ve always followed a rule — don’t telegraph an interest in any of my co-workers. A year ago, a tall, nice-looking single man took a… Read More