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Daily Archives: April 13, 2017

Question: We’re hiring a group of young interns this summer and are trying to figure out the best team member to supervise them. We’re thinking someone as close in age to them as possible. Your thoughts? Answer: You’re hiring Gen Z workers, individuals born after 1995. The oldest Gen Z workers are 18 to 20, and while similar to Gen Y employees are as different from Gen Y workers as Gen Y… Read More

Question: I started a job search because I’d felt my position was going to be eliminated. When I asked my former supervisor, she admitted she was planning to outsource my duties. So I found a better job and gave two weeks’ notice. My supervisor wished me well. Soon after I started my new job, my former supervisor called me and asked that she be able to call me whenever she had questions…. Read More

Question: My employer just threatened to fire me for having decent values and wanting to maintain them at work. Here’s the problem. I work for a large sports facility that serves thousands of customers, young and old. Because we receive a small amount of federal funding, we can’t discriminate against employees or customers due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. This means a man named “Lena” who dresses as a woman… Read More

Question: I interned this summer in a downtown Anchorage office. Ahead of time, I was excited about the opportunity. The chair of my department, the man who will grade my thesis in the fall, has been a friend of the managing partner since college days, which is why I landed this premier internship. I learned a lot: how to dodge the senior partner’s wandering hands, put up with comments about perky breasts,… Read More

Question: For years, I suffered bad treatment under a calculating, manipulative, deceitful manager. I wasn’t the one who blew the whistle on her, but I was glad when it happened. I took part in the subsequent investigation and because I provided the crucial information that torpedoed her career, she now focuses all her anger on me. She’s found an attorney who’s sued me for defamation. My employer said I have nothing to… Read More

Question: I just had the oddest conversation with my boss. He asked if I’d like to own my own business. When I realized he was serious, I asked, “What’s the catch?” He said there wasn’t one and that if I became a franchisee, and we created a business to business relationship, it would be a win for him and for me. He said since it would lower his payroll costs, he would… Read More

Question: As a contract flight attendant for a charter airline that serves corporate clients, my income depends on the relationship I build with the airline’s pilots. Three months ago, the chief pilot and my best friend, a flight attendant for another airline, divorced. Ever since then, the CP has had it in for me. Immediately after their divorce, he saw me on the tarmac and told me, “You need to find another… Read More