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Daily Archives: April 7, 2017

Question: Eight months ago, I accepted a position in rural Alaska. I was solicited by a reputable employee search firm to become the chief executive officer of an 8(a) corporation that had been struggling but was “going places.” The offer was excellent and our written agreement included a relocation bonus that more than covered my moving expenses. The catch: If I didn’t stay the full year, I needed to pay back the… Read More

Question: I run a small public relations firm. When I advertised for a new hire, I didn’t find anyone who had the right skill set. “Will” applied. Although he lacked the skills I sought, he interviewed well and said he was willing to learn everything necessary to become my No. 1 employee. I took a chance on him and invested months in training him. He shadowed me, developed rapport with my key… Read More

We live in a digital world of sound bites.  You can watch any news program today and be presented or even overwhelmed with sound bites from a media event conducted just yesterday, last month or even 10 years ago.  This similarly presents risk management concerns for your business. What is a “sound bite?”  In the legal world this is called “direct evidence.”  Direct evidence is evidence, which if believed, proves the existence… Read More

Question: The powers that be have promoted me twice because I can handle Bill, an in-your-face bully. I now run a department, and our department’s success depends on how we interface with those who work for Bill, who are as boorish as he is. I’ve succeeded because I don’t let Bill rattle me, regardless of his antics, nor do I let Bill or his employees insult those who work for me. I’m… Read More

Question: I work alongside a co-worker about whom I’ve started to fantasize. She lights up whenever we talk and I know she’s on the outs with her current boyfriend. I’d like to ask her out, but if she says “no” or if we get it on and then have a falling out, I’m worried about the repercussions. How do I tell her how I feel without it making a big mess? Answer:… Read More

Question: I was walking down the hallway when one of the supervisors yelled, “You’re needed in here,” and gestured for me to go into our copier room. I entered and saw our easily intimidated administrative assistant looking like she wanted to be anywhere but in that small room. “What’s up?” I asked, moving toward her. The male supervisor, who is 6 foot, 2 inches in height, slammed the door behind him and… Read More