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Daily Archives: April 5, 2017

Question: My husband works for a state agency. When the agency decided against having alcohol at their Christmas party, several employees felt it wasn’t a party without alcohol. One of them rented a nearby site and sent out invitations to the “office Christmas party” via the office e-mail.  The invitations asked employees to bring a pot luck dish and drinks, including alcohol. Two days before the party, the employee who sent out… Read More

Question: I work as an entry-level insurance adjuster in a claims sweatshop. My boss hired me for a stated salary. He told me I’d have a 37.5-hour workweek, but also told me I couldn’t go home until I finished processing my assigned claims. These claims take nine to 10 hours a day to process. I work straight through and don’t take any breaks. I even come in on vacation days to work… Read More

We don’t want to believe terrorism might strike in our workplace. We need to realize it could. An employee left a workplace Christmas party in San Bernardino and returned, armed in body armor and with his wife and an arsenal of assault rifles and semi-automatic handguns. Fourteen people died. None of them had advance warning. 2015 stands out as the year we lost our belief that terrorism couldn’t strike in the average… Read More